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  • Delamere International - Services for the small business & entrepreneur, related to investing, employment, equipment, global trade, immigration, Internet, real estate & construction.

  • Delamere Marketing & Communications Services - Marketing services, marcom & market research, media/press releases, communications, and public relations for the Professional Audio & Video (ProAV), Post-Production, Digital Cinema & Broadcast industries. We also undertake marketing projects & assignments for other industries upon request.

  • (Professional Audio & Video) is an American-based company that distributes equipment related to the Broadcast, ProAv, and Post Production industries with a product portfolio that covers the very latest technologies to address these markets. Our staff has many years experience in research, marketing, and sales of interface solutions for broadcast and professional audio/visual use. The products we distribute are designed to address both stand alone applications and also larger studio installations with a unique capability to combine both systems into one cohesive and seamless system solution.

  • Photography Services & Cartoon Services - We now have available professionals who are experts in their respective fields and provide photography services in fashion, portraiture, commercial and architectural. Plus Newsletter and Presentation cartoons, cartoon logos, funny logos, cartoon people pictures, funny custom cartoons. Contact Kim at Delamere Marketing or Bradley at HebdonPhoto.

  • Professional Audio & Video News & Buyers Guide - The Delamere Group has launched the most up to date buyers guide for Professional Audio & Video Products, Equipment and Services related to the broadcasting, communications and media industries, plus Professional Audio Video News. In addition, due to clients demand, the Delamere Group has launched a new web site Post Production News & Buyers Guide for the film industry. Our web site for the Broadcast Industry is also now online, this site is the Broadcast News & Buyers Guide for equipment & services for the Broadcast, Radio & TV industry, including the latest broadcast industry news and developments. In addition the Digital Cinema News & Buyers Guide is now online.

  • Delamere-Pennine Financial Products - We provide links to the best sources for loans, credit cards, banking services, home loans, refinancing, tax problems and debt consolidation.

  • Delamere Financial Education Center - For online or campus training in the skills as an investor or trader in stock markets, forex, day trading, or commodities, this service will meet all your needs. To try our FREE online courses, click here and go to our Home Page.
  • Delamere Forex (FX) & Currencies Exchange - We offer books, training and education in foreign exchange, forex trading and investing.

  • Delamere Travel - Leading source for discount air tickets, hotels, car hire, travel tools, vacations, safaris and international tours.

  • Delamere Immigration Services - Guest worker program & work permits, visas, 'green card' immigration, latest immigration updates and immigration resources.

  • Delamere Education - Equipment, supplies, books & magazines for students, faculty, and college staff. Sports activities, equipment and world sports events. International student permits and scholarship applications. Genealogy & family history research services.

  • Delamere Institute of Online Learning - Distance & virtual learning, virtual education, online courses, study at home & career qualifications.

  • Delamere Vineyard - Visit our web site for the best selection of wines available, many of our suppliers offer free home/office delivery.

  • World News - Today's International News and Updates, click here.


  • Delamere Small Business Online Store - For all your office supplies, printing, office furniture, telecommunications, telematics, and business equipment.

  • Delamere International Bookshop - Non-Fiction books related to business, employment, marketing, investing & finance, real estate, conducting international trade. We also provide extensive sources for research and data into businesses & industries to assist our readers and clients  to achieve that competitive edge.

  • Delamere Employment Services - Our firm provides an extensive list of recruiters, employers, resume services, human resources, independent contractors, and work at home opportunities.

  • Delamere Computer Technologies - Services to the home or home/office or SMSE for computer repairs, upgrades, trouble shooting, and virus checks. For hardware supplies, see also Delamere Computers.

  • MTC Foundation - This international foundation offers bursaries, scholarships, and loans to students particularly in eastern & southern Africa. All applications considered.

  • Delamere Professional Health & Beauty Products - Products and services for health, beauty, skin care, hair, and leading health therapies. One of the leading supporters of "Beauty Without Cruelty".

  • Beauty Without Cruelty - This non-profit organization was founded on behalf of the universal campaign of not using animals for experiments in the manufacturing of cosmetics.

  • Action Aid International - The Delamere Group are sponsors of Action Aid International and we invite our readers to also become a sponsor of this worthwhile programme.

  • Delamere Real Estates - Our international property services (Incorporating Pennine Estates) include buying and selling of real estate, investing, financing, renting services, and businesses for sale.

  • Delamere Financial Services - How to dispose of your timeshare property? Our timeshare exit strategy has helped thousands of people leave their timeshares. It's time to leave yours too. Let us help you exit your timeshare today. Read press release

  • South African Expats - This is a new service for South Africans living overseas, with information on how to keep contacts, investments, and friendships intact.

  • Cape Town Directory - Search for businesses and business opportunities, employment, real estate, education, travel and shopping in South Africa & Cape Town by using the Cape Town Directory.

  • Africa Trade Center - If you are a consumer, business owner/manager or student looking for information about a specific country of Africa for the purpose of buying goods and importing items or services from a particular country, doing business, investing, research or just visiting a country of Africa, visit the online Africa Trade Center. Also visit our site World Trade Centre Africa.

  • See also the online World Market Center (World Market Centre) managed by the Delamere Group. This site covers trade and business for all countries of the world, including FREE advertising.

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